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Optimum Performance Living

One the underlying conditions favoring disease are eliminated, avenues are opened up for the enjoyment of life that were not present before. As new understanding and capacity is gained, a new performance reality sets in. This means that you become aware of things that you can do and things that you can enjoy emerge that you never thought possible before. Achieving these things is what optimum performance living, or OPL, is all about.

The point of Olympialands is to provide an environment in which such things are not only possible, but inevitable, within the realm of possibility.

New Performance Reality

Resolving problems as close as possible at their root cause conveys one particular benefit: They go away. This might seem obvious, but it is rare wisdom, indeed, in modern health. Optimum Performance Living (OPL) is based on a rational model designed to identify and to consider options at very early stages. All phenomena is subject to change. Indeed, change is the most prevalent condition in nature. For these and other reasons, a data-centered approach is continually needed to identify root causes and lifestyle alternatives with high prospects for success.

As can be seen in the book to the right, OPL emerged from the physical therapy practice of Dr. Larry Farnes. The book is available at Amazon. The philosophy of OPL is embedded within the Olympialand program. Starting with steps to eliminate disease, the OPL program progresses to an "Abilities Olympics" program to identify and encourage natural abilities. It then extends to programs in support of major sports and activities. There are particular OPL programs for golf, tennis, swimming, international football (soccer), and walking.